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Ideally, a driveway should be able to last for about 15 – 30 years depending on the quality of construction and the materials used. However, some conditions require you to call a contractor to make repairs. Some common problems may occur on your driveway, for example, discoloration, cracking, sinking, etc.

Many factors can cause these problems, for example, inadequate concrete mix, improper materials, exposure to extreme weather conditions, bad placement procedures, etc. When facing any of these problems, you can consider calling an expert like APEX Concrete & Hauling to complete driveway repairs, instead of replacing the whole driveway in your property.

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Some Common Driveway Repairs

Patch and fill small cracks

Many people have several small cracks on their driveways as they age. Holes or cracks which are less than ¼ inches wide will never pose a structural threat or damage to your driveway. It is a good idea for you to patch and fill these small cracks as a temporary repair solution.

However, you need to know that the patches are not watertight. This means that water will still seep between your patch with the material. In the long run, it may reopen the holes or cracks. Fillers or patches may be visibly different than the original material used for making your driveway.

Resurfacing for large cracks or other surface problems

When you have large holes or cracks which are larger than ¼ inches, you are going to have to consider calling a professional for resurfacing. This resurfacing method is sometimes called driveway overlay. This is a thin layer of high-quality cement-based materials that will be applied to the existing driveway to cover these large cracks and make them structurally safe.

The resurfacing method also allows you to add some decorative finishes, for example, coloring or stamping. Your driveway will have a new appearance without having to replace the whole driveway on your property. This method will offer a more durable result than the regular patching or filling method.

Engraving the driveway to cover flaws or cracks

This method is suitable for you who want some creativity. For the driveway with minor discoloration or cracking, you can disguise the cracks or flaws by engraving a beautiful pattern on the surface. With engraving, the driveway will be stained first for covering all cracks on the driveway surface.

A special routing machine can be used to cut the pattern for creating some beautiful designs. The flaws on the concrete will contribute to the whole look and design of your driveway. There are a lot of driveway engraving ideas that you can read from the Internet today.

Recoloring the driveway

This method is suitable for those who have discoloration problems on your driveway. The discoloration of your driveway can be caused by many different factors, for example, improper color application, sun exposure, extreme weather, absorption of oil stains or grease, etc.

You can revive the whole appearance and look by applying a new coat of acid or water-based stains. If you want to use the driveway for a long time, you can consider using the UV-resistant staining products. Don’t forget to use a sealer for protecting your driveway, so you can maintain its beauty for a long time.

Slab Jacking for sunken concrete

When your driveway slab has a sinking problem, you should consider doing this method soon after the problem has been identified. A sunken driveway can be caused by soil erosion or poorly compacted subgrade materials. It is a good idea for you to call a contractor to raise back the slab to the original position by using this method.

You can pump a mixture of fly ash, cement, sand, and other additives beneath the slab. This process is commonly called the slab jacking method. The mixture should be combined perfectly, to create a strong and long-lasting structure on the driveway in your property.

When you have any minor issues on your driveway, you don’t have to replace the whole driveway on your property. You can simply call APEX Concrete & Hauling for the repairs needed to fix your problems by doing any of those repairs mentioned above. It is a good idea for you to hire the best driveway repair service that is available around you. Professional driveway repair service companies usually have everything that you need to fix any issues on your driveway. They can help you save a lot of your time because you don’t have to do every repair by yourself.