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When you are planning to renovate your outdoor landscape you have a lot of choices that are available today. If you want to create a patio or driveway space you have 2 main options that Apex can assist you on, brick and concrete pavers. The term paver refers to flat and uniformed stones used in the paving projects on driveways, patios, and walkways.

Concrete and brick are considered as the most common pavers that are popular among many people and designers today. They are well-known for their reliability and durability. The choice between concrete and brick pavers may depend on your preferences and personal taste. You can compare both products before you decide to use the best materials for your property.

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Brick Pavers

Bricks are usually made from clay that is formed into a paver shape. They are cured by baking inside the kiln.

Advantages of using clay brick pavers

Good color retention.

Bricks are usually colored by mixing several types of clays. The coloring process will occur naturally. Therefore, they can retain color much better than the concrete, especially when they are exposed to UV rays.

Last for a long time.

Brick may crack or chip over time, but can last for several generations. Bricks usually break when they get extreme external factors, such as moisture, traffic, and ice. They are not going to erode and fade over time when they are used for a long time.

Less maintenance.

Clay bricks are popular among many people because they can resist staining. They require less cleaning and maintenance requirements than the concrete pavers. If you don’t have a lot of time for taking care and maintain your pavers, you should take a look at the brick pavers.

Timeless style.

Many people are interested in using brick because they have a distinct edge in style and looks. Aged brick driveways will retain their charm, even though you find some cracks or chips on your driveways.


Clay brick pavers are made from natural materials. Therefore, they can be cleaned or reused in the future. Therefore, they will be a sustainable choice for everyone.

Disadvantages of using brick pavers


Bricks will be about 15 – 20% more expensive than concrete. If you have a limited budget for your driveways, you should consider finding some alternatives.

Limited choices.

Clay bricks are usually colored with natural clays. Therefore, they have limited color choices for everyone. They only come in a few sizes that are available for all customers.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are usually made from cement. They are going to aggregate when they are poured into forms, air-cured, and compressed, Concrete can be shaped into several types of shapes with different sizes and color options.

Advantages of Using Concrete Pavers

More affordable.

Concrete pavers will be less expensive than bricks due to the lower cost of their raw materials.

More choices for you.

Concrete will offer a lot of design and color options. concrete pavers can also mimic any stones that are popular on the market today. You can find a lot of online shops selling beautiful concrete pavers with elegant looks and styles.

Easy to install.

Concrete pavers are usually shaped in a uniform shape. Therefore, they can be cut easily.

Disadvantages of Using Concrete Pavers

The color can fade.

Concrete pavers are commonly dyed with color pigments. Therefore, their colors can fade over time, especially in sunny areas.

Require sealing process.

If you want to use your concrete pavers for a long time, you may want to consider optional sealants to prolong the lifetime of the color in your concrete pavers.

Varying quality.

Concrete pavers may vary widely in their durability and strength level depending on the manufacturer’s recipe. When you buy several concrete pavers from different manufacturers, you may expect to see varied concrete pavers with varying quality.

There are some other differences between concrete and brick pavers that you can contact our team about. We can help you compare both products, so you can choose the best one for your project. It is always a good idea for you to hire professional concrete contractor when you want to install pavers properly on your property. Reach out to Apex Concrete today.