So, You Have a Pothole in Your Concrete Driveway?

Even with the extreme durability that comes with a concrete driveway, even they are not immune to sustaining some damage after a lot of use. The formation of potholes is one type of issue that you might see if your concrete driveway is starting to get worn down. Thankfully, having a pothole or two in your driveway isn’t the end of the world and, most of the time, they can be fixed with some effort. Read on to find out how to fix the potholes in your concrete driveway. Wait until the end to find out how Apex Concrete & Hauling can help you get a brand new driveway if need be.

Reasons Potholes Form in Concrete Driveways

Potholes can form in your driveway for a few reasons. The biggest cause of potholes on nearly every surface though is water. After rain or snowfall, water can sometimes get seep into cracks in your driveway, or through some other way, just end up under your driveway. If this happens and the water then freezes, it will make the concrete above the frozen expand, which ultimately puts it under a lot of strain. If this process repeats enough, cracks will form, and those cracks can turn into full blown potholes if they’re not handled in time. The issue is only pressed further when someone drives their car over the driveway over and over again, putting more weight on an already compromised spot. From there it will become a cycle, as potholes will only get worse if their driven over. Thankfully, even if your driveway ends up with a pothole, there are ways to fix them.

How to Fix Small Potholes

small concrete pothole
Fixing a pothole is a relatively simple process. However, you’re going to need the proper safety equipment to do the job. In this case you should be wearing gloves, boots and a mask because you’ll be working with concrete. The repair job mostly consists of filling in the pothole to reinforce the spot. Before you do that, you need to clean out the pothole. This is to ensure that you’re not sealing in any loose debris as that can create more issues down the line. It’s recommended that you also spray down the spot with water to get it nice and clean, but make sure you get all of the water out before beginning the filling process. Once the spot is cleared out, you need to fill the spot in with a concrete bonding agent. This is to get it ready to be filled with a ready-mix concrete material. After following the instructions of your particular mix, you simply need to fill the hole with the material and smooth it out a few times so that it dries and blends in with the rest of the driveway. After that, you should probably cover it up with some sort of covering to keep it safe from the elements for a few days while it settles. Then, your driveway should be good as new.

How to Fix Large Potholes

large concrete pothole
Though the above process is pretty much the same one you’ll follow when filling a large pothole, there is one key difference to make note of. For small holes you can get away with using certain mixes that are made from certain materials. For example, you can use a sand mix for filling small potholes. For large potholes though, you’re going to need a heavier mix. A mix that’s made mostly from gravel will do the trick most of the time.

Common Material Used to Fix Concrete Driveway Potholes

As we’ve pointed out above the common materials needed to fix potholes in your concrete driveway are a reliable cement mix, safety equipment like waterproof gloves, a mask, and waterproof boots, a tool to smooth over the spot with once you’re done, and a covering for the filled spot. You may also need cleaning equipment to clean the pothole out initially, and a hose if you plan on wetting it and to mix the concrete mix. Most of this equipment is standard and easy to find and use. It never hurts to have someone help you with this job too. As long as your properly equipped, this should be a simple job.

If You Want a New Concrete Driveway Instead, Contact Apex Concrete & Hauling

Sometimes your driveway is just a lost cause, even if you try to fix it. If that’s the case for you, then Apex Concrete & Hauling is here to help you get a brand new driveway. We know how important it is to have a nice driveway. With our team of professionals, we can have a new concrete driveway installed for you quickly and efficiently. Don’t let a worn down driveway bring down the look of your home. To get a new driveway installed, contact us. We know you won’t be disappointed with our service.

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