Nobody can deny that waste removal is necessary and should be done regularly——the average person produces 4.5 pounds of it per day, it’s pretty difficult to avoid. However, there are still far too many who still overlook the importance of waste disposal. It’s only when one has accumulated so much of it, is when their life starts to feel as though it’s piling up scraps and rubble as well. A simple and reassuring fix to this is to call a reputable waste removal company——such as Apex Concrete Services. Getting rid of residual material is always a time-consuming and expensive procedure. Concrete, wood, steel, tile, and drywall are all tough to transport away from a home/building site and something you should not take on yourself. By conducting a simple google search, you can get all of that trash and debris (and stress) hauled away efficiently and cost-effectively with the use of proper equipment and the hard work of professionals.
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Types of Waste

Concrete——What can be hauled in a concrete dumpster?

Here are some examples of heavy garbage that a concrete container may accommodate:

            Clean Concrete

Concrete that is devoid of rubbish, extra metal, roots, or other pollutants. As long as the paint isn’t lead-based, painted concrete is deemed clean.

            Debris of Various Sizes

Clean concrete mixed with additional heavy materials such as leftovers from building or pavement demolition (brick, block, or asphalt, etc.). The following items are prohibited from being placed into a concrete dumpster:

            Concrete Slurry

While solid concrete is OK, concrete slurry—cement combined with water and additional chemical admixtures required to keep the mixture homogeneous— cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. To deal with any residual concrete slurry, look into alternative options such as solidifiers.

Other Materials That Cannot Be Hauled

Hazardous or combustible items are not permitted to be disposed of in a concrete dumpster. Make certain that none of these forbidden goods find their way into your trash can.

Construction and Storm Debris

            What Is Construction Debris, and How Does It Affect You?

Building trash comprises drywall, carpeting, hardware, tiles, and other items commonly used in construction and renovations. Certain types of heavy debris, such as concrete or block, can also be included. It’s a difficult task to clean up construction debris. To manage all the rubble and waste at your job site, you’ll need a similarly rigorous debris removal service. With amazing expertise and service, hauling professionals will keep your work environment clean and orderly.

            What Exactly Is Storm Debris?

Branches, shingles, broken items, and other debris that is blown onto your property during a severe weather event are known as storm debris. The last thing you want to do after a severe storm is trying to figure out how to get all the downed branches and windblown debris off your property. A dumpster can help you quickly clear storm debris and get back to your normal routine.

Benefits of Professional Waste Hauling

While you may be tempted to tackle debris removal and carting away on your own (or if you have not, may I suggest you don’t) there are several advantages to hiring a professional junk hauling company like us to do it for you, including:


The safety of yourself and others is the most important thing to look out for when taking on such projects. Concrete debris removal and transportation can result in a variety of injuries, from cuts and abrasions to severe back and muscle strains and other health issues. Concrete removal can cause a variety of personal injuries and even unintended property damage if done incorrectly.


Because professionals have dealt with many different types of debris and know the most efficient methods for removing and carting them, relying on a full crew of expert haulers is more efficient than trying to do it yourself. These hauling experts are equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment to get your job done both safely and effectively.


Clearing out, loading, hauling, and unloading debris takes a lot of time and effort. By allowing hauling experts to take care of all the dirty work, you can devote your time and energy to more productive (and less stressful) endeavors.


Many types of construction and concrete waste can be recycled and utilized in ways that the ordinary person is unaware of. It is important for one to not just throw their unwanted debris in the trash for these materials can be used in other endeavors. So don’t just throw it all in the trash, make building and renovations more environmentally friendly for everyone!