Why Concrete Makes Great Pool Decks

Concrete is an amazing material that can be used in a large number of situations. One convenient thing you can do with concrete is make a sleek and durable pool deck. Between concrete naturally being a slip-resistant material, and its ability to take on a number of different appearances, this material is great for building a pool deck. However, as with anything, you need to make sure you take care of your concrete pool deck. This may mean you’ll need to give it a cleaning once in a while. Read on to find out why you should keep your concrete pool deck clean and how to do so.

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Reasons You Need to Clean Your Concrete Pool Deck

There are a number of reasons why you should try to keep your concrete pool deck clean. Keeping it clean can make sure your pool deck stays functional and presentable.

 Material Preservation

Though concrete is a very durable material, if you don’t maintain it, then it will surely develop issues as time goes by. You need to make sure you keep your concrete in good condition to make sure that no potentially dangerous growths start to show up near your pool. Due to the fact that the pool deck will be near water, it can become home to mold, mildew or green algae if you don’t keep it clean.


While the growths mentioned above are dangerous to be around, letting your concrete get extremely dirty can make the surface degrade to a point that it can become a slipping hazard. Allowing this would make your backyard extremely dangerous.


Concrete pool decks are supposed to look sleek and smooth. If you allow yours to get dirty then it will lose its good looks and ultimately become an eye sore. Occasionally cleaning your concrete pool deck will make sure that it keeps its attractive looks as long as it can.

How To Clean Your Concrete Pool Deck

When it comes to cleaning the deck, you can choose from a few basic methods.

Power Washing

One common method that people use when their trying to deep clean their concrete pool deck is power washing. To do so, you’ll obviously need to acquire a power washer, but once you have one in hand, the process is pretty simple. First, strap on some durable boots, and maybe even a pair of safety glasses to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Then, clear out any furniture that you may have around the pool, along with any extra toys or anything else that you wouldn’t want to get damaged. Then, power wash the entire surface of the deck until it’s clean.

Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to cleaning tough stains, you may need to try using special cleaning solutions to get your concrete clean. If this is the situation you find yourself in, then there are a number of concrete cleaning solutions to choose from on the market that should do the trick. When you find one you like, you first need to mix it as directed by your desired solution. Then, you need to clear off your pool deck, to avoid damaging anything. Next, you need to scrub the entirety of your pool deck. After it’s as clean as you want it to be, you simply need to rinse the deck with a hose. When doing so, it’s best to avoid getting the cleaning solution in the pool, or any surrounding plants you may have. Some solutions out there can damage your plant life. You can also add a deck coating after you’re done cleaning to keep the deck cleaner for longer.

How Often Should You Clean a Concrete Pool Deck

You should usually aim to clean your concrete pool deck one or two times a year, but there are a few circumstances that would lead to it requiring a cleaning more often. If your frequently use your pool deck, then it may need to be cleaned more often. If any surrounding trees and plants are dropping debris onto your pool deck, or dirt is often tracked onto it, then it may need to be cleaned more often. Finally, if you have pets, or wild animals using your pool deck as their own personal bathroom, then you may find your deck needing a clean a few more times a year.

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