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Debris Removal & Hauling

When it comes to removing debris from a construction job, hauling companies like Apex Concrete & Hauling can assist. The Apex team can haul stone, dirt, sand, topsoil, mulch and much more. Hauling companies can transport debris and dirt away from residential and commercial settings. Professionals will be able to effectively remove any debris or unwanted material and transport it to a landfill. They also are equipped to know what materials are able to be recycled in order to help the environment.

Step One: Hire A Construction Debris Removal Company  

While many contractors might consider site cleanup or debris hauling part of their job, it does not have to be. When you start to take into consideration the time spent cleaning the site, picking up debris, disposing and hauling the material, and the time spent training your workers on proper debris removal, you realize that costs start piling up. Additionally, it is important to factor in the potential expenses of hazardous materials removal. One of the best steps that property owners or building contractors can take is to outsource debris removal tasks to a professional company. Hauling experts like Apex Concrete & Hauling can not only save you time but also money when dealing with construction debris hauling and removal. The Apex team has the proper equipment that will be the most effective in quickly hauling any material. Companies like this can also save you money on labor costs as it will take less time to haul any material with the correct equipment. Of course, outsourcing debris removal may not always be the cheapest option and comes with its own costs. Part of the process of hiring a third party debris removal company should always include an on-site estimate. Any competent cleanup company should come to your construction site to understand the scope of the project and the debris volume that may be produced. The estimate must include all removal work phases including any recurring removal and pick-ups that may be necessary for large-scale construction projects. 

Step Two: Rent a Dumpster (If Outsourcing Isn’t Necessary)

Outsourcing a debris clean up company may not always be necessary for your project. Some projects may be too small to need to bring in a third party clean up company, but too large to just dispose of debris in just a trash can. For these projects, you will want to rent a construction waste dumpster. These dumpsters can be rented and kept right on the property, which makes them extremely convenient.  Depending on the size, dumpster rentals can cost anywhere from $150-$800 per project. Dumpster rentals are one of the easiest methods of disposing of construction debris, however it is important to be mindful of what you throw away. There are certain materials that are not supposed to be disposed of in dumpsters, and if you do put these materials in dumpsters, you may be subject to penalties. E-waste is one example of materials that should not be put into dumpsters.  E-waste includes computers, phones, batteries, TVs, etc. that could leak chemicals that may get into groundwater. Metal should also not be thrown into dumpsters and can be recycled or sold for cash. Many dumpster rental companies will provide assistance in safely getting rid of metal and E-waste.

construction debris removal

Step Three: Properly Dispose of Construction Trash

As previously mentioned, it is important that you are appropriately disposing of the waste during your construction project. Hauling companies, like Apex Concrete & Hauling, are equipped to handle proper waste and recycling practices that are beneficial to the environment. Local state and federal agencies have requirements covering the disposal and handling of various materials. It is vital that whoever disposes of and removes construction debris is well versed in these requirements. Professional cleanup firms like Apex will use the right disposal methods and sites while recycling any materials that can be recycled.

Step Four: Donate or Reuse Unused Materials Wherever Possible

If you are careful with your debris during the construction process, you may find that you have a number of items that can be reused. These items include countertops, cabinets, etc. You can donate these items to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. They will resell these materials at reduced prices for people who can’t afford new products. If you have more expensive pieces of material, such as granite countertops, you may be able to sell it instead. It is also an option to just reuse the materials in other parts of the house or project.

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