It is likely that some part of your home, whether it be the driveway or walkway, is made up of stamped concrete. Oftentimes, normal wear and tear can cause your concrete to become damaged. We will look at ways to repair your stamped concrete below.

Why Choose Stamped Concrete?

 Stamped concrete is a popular choice among homeowners as it can be shaped or molded into different styles. This makes it a great alternative to more expensive types of material for your driveway or sidewalk such as slate, or stone.

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Can patterned concrete be repaired?

In short, yes stamped concrete restoration can be done. There are a few different ways to repair your concrete depending on how it was damaged. Below are some examples of how your concrete may have been damaged:

  • Surface cracks
  • Chips along the edges and lines of concrete
  • Color variations
  • Texture
  • Stone pop-outs

There will be different ways to repair these depending on what type of damage occurred. 

 Is Stamped Concrete Harder to Repair than Regular Concrete? 

Stamped concrete repair is not more difficult than fixing regular concrete, there just might be different techniques to restore it. Below are the most common repair methods for stamped concrete damage: 

  • Resealing
  • Sandblasting
  • Antiquing

Any professional will be familiar with all of these repair methods and can fix your concrete to prevent further damage.

Can stamped concrete be resurfaced?

Yes, stamped concrete can be resurfaced. If you decide you no longer want that type of concrete or want a fresh surface, you can consult with a concrete expert to discuss how you can resurface the concrete.

You will likely just need to clean the concrete and layout new molds for the concrete. Then it is able to be resurfaced. Additionally, a bonder or sealer for stamped concrete will need to be used after the concrete is poured.

Can you strip and refinish stamped concrete?

If you want to strip and refinish your stamped concrete you can if you make sure you follow these steps beforehand. You must first completely strip the concrete before you refinish as well as remove all of the sealer and residue from the stripper. After, you are able to refinish stamped concrete.

How do you make stamped concrete look new again?

There are a few ways to bring life back into your stamped concrete again. First, you can try washing your concrete with a degreaser or some kind of concrete cleaner. This may make your concrete look lively again.

If that doesn’t do the trick, you can try to stain your concrete and add a new color to it. This may make it appear newer or add some life back into it again.

If neither of these options work, discuss with your local concrete professional different tricks for refinishing stamped concrete.

Can you epoxy over stamped concrete?

Yes, you can epoxy over stamped concrete. This is a good way to create both a slip-resistant and stain-resistant floor. This can also make your concrete appear more finished. Epoxy over stamped concrete helps to protect the concrete as well, making it last longer.

Can you repaint stamped concrete?

 Yes, you can repaint over stamped concrete. First, you should try to remove any paint that had been originally applied to the surface. Then, after all of the old paint is removed, you will need to prime your concrete a few times. This should be done by hand and in very thin layers. Once it is primed, you are able to paint on top of the stamped concrete.

 cracked stamped concrete

 Add Value to Your Home with a Stamped Concrete Patio or Driveway

If you are interested in upgrading your home, consider adding a stamped concrete patio or driveway. This type of concrete can be a great addition to adding value to your home. Stamped concrete is extremely versatile, meaning you can choose different designs and finishes to make your concrete unique. Stamped concrete is also fairly easy to repair if it becomes damaged or if you just want to add some life to it in a few years. If you are considering a stamped concrete driveway or patio, contact Apex Concrete & Hauling today!