A concrete slab may be useful for many different purposes, especially when you want to have a permanent or long-lasting solution for your home or building. It is a common structural element of most modern buildings. It consists of a horizontal and flat surface that is made from cast concrete.

However, there are some problems that you have to be careful of, especially when you want to take care of your concrete slabs for the long haul. You must find the best solutions for any of these issues as soon as possible. Here are some useful concrete slab repair tips that you can follow.

We always recommend contacting a concrete expert for all repair projects.

cracked concrete foundation


Solving cracks on the concrete slabs

As time goes on, you may find some cracks that will occur on the concrete slabs of your home or building. These cracks may appear due to many different factors, for example, insufficient concrete thickness, poor concrete mix, lack of steel, hydro-static pressure, ground movement, etc.

These cracks need to be repaired immediately, otherwise, they are going to cause a lot of problems in the future. Moisture and soil gases (such as radon) can migrate through any of these cracks. Excess moisture will lead to mildew and mold problems.

One of the most common ways for repairing these cracks is by using polyurethane or epoxy. Filing the cracks with a strong epoxy will be the best way to seal the cracks. This solution can be done if the cracks are not too extensive.

It is also essential for you to address the weak point on the concrete slab. For working on any weak points on the concrete slab, you can use a high-strength and also non-corrosive carbon fiber reinforcement products. These products will ensure that the slab will never pull apart after it is filled.

Treat popouts on the concrete slab

Popouts can occur as common blemish problems on the slab. They can be distinguished from cracks easily. These popouts are going to occur when any small pieces of concrete break away from the slab’s surface. They are cosmetic blemishes, but they don’t affect the overall function and service life from the concrete slab.

Many factors can cause the development of popouts on the concrete slab. This blemish is commonly caused by the unsound piece of the coarse aggregates. These aggregates are usually located below the slab’s surface.

They are going to absorb moisture from water first. Then, the aggregates swell, push upward to the slab’s surface. This pushing mechanism will cause an eruption on the surface. It will leave a cone-shaped hole. Popouts can be ranging from ½ to 2” in diameter. You must treat these popouts immediately, otherwise, they will weaken the slab’s structure.

Steps to fix Popouts

First, you may want to remove any remaining rock pieces that are located in the hole. Professionals will use a rotary-hammer drill for removing the rocks. For medium and also large popouts, some people choose to use a chisel and hammer for extracting any unsound aggregates.

After removing the rocks from the hole, we will remove any weakened slabs around the popouts. At the end of this procedure, we conduct a final surface check by using a stiff wire brush. Each hole will have square edges that you are going to fill in the next procedure.

When you look at the market, you can find a lot of types of prepackaged repair materials. These products are very useful to fill holes that may occur on the slab’s surface. They may offer extended life for your concrete’s slab. Preblended products will be resistant to shrinkage, so they can offer good adhesion to the holes on the concrete slab.

You need to prepare all the necessary materials and tools before you start the repairing process. With these tools, you can have a durable and pleasing repair for the most common concrete surface problems. The whole repair process will take about 1 – 2 days. The curing process is commonly done after the repair procedure is done.

Call a Concrete Expert

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